Why Is The Trump Meme Campaign So Big? 2 Years After It Wasnt A Thing


It was a weird time for Trump memes, even though it was only 2 years ago that he won the presidency.

In 2017, memes were a relatively new phenomenon that could only be found in niche communities like YouTube videos and memes-only Twitter accounts.

But then, Trump took the presidency in a surprising way: With memes, Trump said he would be a great president.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres last November, Trump explained how he wanted to get rid of the fake news meme and put in real news, saying: If it wasn’t true, it was a lie, and I was going to stop it.

I didn’t do it because I was an idiot.

I’m an idiot, and it wasn.

It was something I said, it wasn�t anything I said.

Trump then went on to claim that he actually did get rid a fake news memes campaign.

That’s when Trump’s campaign began to take off.

The first memes of the new administration were uploaded to YouTube in April 2018.

A few months later, they were spreading across social media and gaining momentum.

And then, the campaign took off.

And this has been going on ever since.

Over the next year, the meme campaign spread to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms.

Over 100 million people have used memes to spread their message.

It has also taken off in other social media platforms, like Tumblr and Reddit.

The memes have gained huge traction on social media.

Over half of all Americans have watched or listened to at least one of these memes, according to Pew Research Center.

Since Trump won the election, memes have become a major topic of conversation.

Since May 2017, they have been mentioned in at least 3,000 tweets and shared at least 2.5 million times.

Trump’s memes have been shared over 1 billion times.

The meme campaign has become a huge, national campaign, and the meme world is the biggest social media universe in the world.

Memes are often seen as a way to get people talking about the president, and people use them to amplify Trump’s message.

Meme campaigns can be very effective because they allow people to talk directly to a target audience, rather than having to go out and spend money or time.

They can also create an aura of authority and authenticity.

It can even get people to make bold statements about Trump, such as retweeting a message that says, �I’m with Trump, I�ve got him.� This, in turn, creates an even bigger sense of power in the online community.

If a meme goes viral, the power of the meme can be amplified and the message can reach more people.

In 2018, Trump’s meme campaign reached over 3 million people, according of Pew Research.

The Trump memes have taken off.

It is now one of the most popular topics in the subreddit r/The_Donald, which has more than 3 million subscribers.

And, there are millions of people who follow the memes on social and video platforms.

Memepool, a popular social media app that helps people organize and curate memes, reports that over 100 million Americans have participated in memes.

Memecostal, a social media platform that allows people to create and share memes, says the memes are viewed more than 20 million times per day.

And memes have already taken off on Twitter, where they have surpassed the top posts in the trending topic area.

One of the largest memes of 2018 is the meme �LolitaGate� (which is actually a meme of a meme that has been circulating since 2014), which started trending in the months leading up to Trump’s election.

The post that launched it, titled, �LOLitaGate: What The Trump campaign has been hiding behind all of this�, included a quote from the first president.

Trump said: The only reason I did it is because I liked the name.

I said to myself, I have to make it fun.

And I said: Let�s do it.

So I made a parody.

And the biggest thing about that was I said this: I like the name of the first woman president, but I like it even more because she�s a girl. And that�s the funniest thing I ever said.

That�s how it was, the only reason it was funny was because of the name Lolita.

And if you read the first tweet of it, it says: I was born and raised in a town called New York.

I like my town, I like this town, it�s my town.

The next tweet, titled �New York was born of slavery.

I don�t like slavery,� said Trump, is now the most shared meme of 2018.

The phrase �New Jersey born of slave trade� became the most tweeted meme of the year.

And of course, memes are becoming increasingly popular, and they have become part of our

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