When will college students finally get a break?


By MARK GASLICKILEAAssociated PressAUSTIN (AP) If you are planning to attend college, chances are you have already had a chance to study online.

But that’s not the case for many other students.

They’ve already been promised a way out of the current college-bound, job-killing, government-mandated slog of attending classes and paying tuition.

And for many, that means they’ll likely miss out on some classes.

As the federal government and states negotiate a deal to provide free tuition for students and families, a small number of students say they will miss out.

The College Board, a nonprofit organization that tracks college enrollment, reported Tuesday that enrollment in its College Nation study jumped 1.5% last year, to 1.9 million.

That’s still more than half of the country’s college enrollment but the largest in more than 30 years.

But for many students, that could change.

The Federal Reserve has set the national goal of reaching half of all students by 2023.

But as more states and the federal share of the total pie dwindles, it may not be possible to meet that goal without a dramatic change in how college is offered.

The college-as-service model has helped some students find jobs.

But a federal audit last month found that the federal grant-making system used by the colleges and universities has been heavily tilted toward contractors who are more likely to spend money on marketing than on paying students.

The colleges are also using a loophole in the tax code to help pay for students’ education while avoiding their federal student loan payments.

The new administration wants to shift away from this model.

The Education Department, under Secretary Betsy DeVos, announced Tuesday that students who are not on a Pell Grant program or who have family or friends in a poverty-level situation would not be eligible for federal aid.

That will likely have a ripple effect for other students, who could miss out in classes and be unable to complete the required time.

The president said the new policies would help more students who have fallen behind in their education.

He said colleges need to do more to ensure that students are receiving the best possible education and are taking advantage of every opportunity to learn.

The Obama administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether colleges would be able to offer free tuition to students who enroll in programs such as community college and apprenticeship programs, both of which rely on private donations.

Some students say that while the new tuition policy is a step in the right direction, the government shouldn’t take away their right to go to school.

“I think it’s just going to make it harder for me to get a job,” said a sophomore from Ohio who asked not to be named.

“They’re taking away the ability for students to earn money,” she said.

“This is a huge step backward.

They’re taking our money away from us.”