When the sun rises in China, it sets in Hong Kong


HONG KONG — It was a sunny day at a Chinese university campus in HongKong, but a few days later, it would become a rainy day in mainland China.

A group of about 100 students in English classes walked to the local university to do their homework, but the clouds had made the clouds disappear, and they had to find another place to sit.

In an effort to stay dry, the group went to the streets, which were already packed with students, teachers and visitors who were hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun.

The students found a cafe in the main square, and began their afternoon studying.

One of them, a 25-year-old student named Wang Hong, said he was eager to study the new year, which starts Wednesday.

“I’m not too excited about the new term, but I think the first semester is important,” he said.

He is studying to be a doctor and hopes to apply for a university post.

Wang, who has a master’s degree in engineering, said that the school had given him a room with a balcony so he could watch the sunrise.

I want to be in the air as the sun goes down, Wang said.

It’s not good for my health.

Many students who had not yet taken their exams also took the time to study.

They were studying to learn more about China, and the new country’s education system.

This is my first year in China.

I can’t wait to start, said Wang, a student in English and economics.

We have some good teachers, and we’ve had good teachers before.

So, we’re learning quickly.

At a Chinese business school, a group of students in business administration and finance were also studying for their exams.

It’s a big school, so we want to focus on the right topics, said Zhang Hong, who is in economics.

We’ve had some good students, Zhang said.

But they have to be diligent.

Students were also eager to learn about their homeland, which was a big topic of discussion during the first day of classes.

Most of the students were from Hong Kong, the city in which the country’s government officially recognized China as its own.

There are two main classes in China’s education, one in English, the other in Mandarin, or Cantonese.

Both classes are taught in the same classroom, but students who want to take a foreign language course can choose from Chinese or international courses.

Chinese students are usually allowed to take international courses during the summer months, but during the new school year, classes will be held in the city.

Since students are allowed to study outside their home city, some students from HongKongs mainland universities were also in the classroom.

After classes, students went back to their dormitories, where they can work out their homework.

But some students in the class also took part in the school’s outdoor events.

Some students from abroad, including from Germany and the United States, took part at a dance performance at a park in the central business district of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s new government has been taking steps to make it easier for students to study abroad, with the government opening more foreign universities, allowing more Chinese students to take courses in other countries and encouraging more international students to apply to the university.

As for the students from China, they have their own plans for the year ahead.

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