When is the right time to teach English in Michigan?


DETROIT — A class on English in Detroit will be taught Wednesday, Feb. 24, as the NHL tries to bolster its presence in the city that is home to its franchise, the Detroit Red Wings.

The event, which is scheduled to be held at the Detroit Public Library, is part of a broader effort to provide a wide variety of educational programs and programs to the city, which was ranked first in the country in the number of English-language learners in 2014 and the fifth most English-speaking city in the United States in 2016.

The Wings’ training camp is set to begin Friday at the Comerica Park complex in Detroit and is expected to last at least three days, the Wings said in a statement.

The program will be open to any student enrolled in a Michigan State University-Edwardsville English program who is interested in enrolling in the program.

The program is free, but there are fees for admission to the event, the statement said.

It is also free for non-residents to attend.

The Red Wings have also partnered with the Wayne County Public Library in Detroit, which hosts a large outdoor language-learning program called “The Learning Village.”

The Wings are hoping to have more than 2,000 students participating in the summer season.

The team also has partnered with Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford and the Detroit Community Schools to provide free English lessons at their facilities.

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