When is the next Leicester English class?


Leicestershire’s next English class will take place on Saturday, November 4, 2019, as the city continues to host a series of English events, including a trip to the BBC World Cup and a series hosted by comedian John Oliver.

The Leicester English classes will be held in the city’s Central Library from 10am until 5pm, which means there will be a free lunch from 4pm until 6pm.

Leicester City Council’s head of community development, Michael Stolze, said it was a great opportunity for residents to experience a different kind of learning.

“It’s something that’s been a bit of a surprise for us, it’s a really good opportunity for people to go out and see the city and see different aspects of the city, and see some of the great heritage of the place,” he said.

“We’ve got the World Cup coming up in September, we’re going to have the Olympics in 2020, we’ve got a lot of stuff happening around the city that people want to see, and I think it’s going to be really cool for people and for the city.”

Leicester’s next Leicester class will be offered from 10:30am until 6:30pm at the Central Library.

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