When I came here, I thought I’d been taught English at home


A Bakersfield school principal says the city’s English class was taught at home.

The teacher was visiting from a city in California and said he would be teaching English classes for about five months, he said.

I had no idea I would be doing this at home and that I would need to learn English at school, he told Channel Seven.

He said the teacher told him it was the same thing he had done with his first English class, when he moved to Sydney.

It was just a question of where.

We were taught English, but we weren’t taught by the person who was teaching it, he explained.

In his first class, the teacher said he was going to be teaching it in English, English literature, and that was it.

“I was just happy it was working,” he said, adding he did not know if he would do the same for the next class.

After his second class, Mr Tait said he learned he had to learn a new language.

“[He said] we’ve got to learn how to speak English, how to say English,” he recalled.

Mr Tait is the director of education at the foundation program at The Bakersfields High School.

When I came to the school, I wanted to be in the same class as him, he added.

But after his second English class in his first year, he realized the teacher had changed his teaching style.

So he contacted the principal.

My English teacher was a bit of a jerk.

Then I contacted the school’s parent board, who contacted the city and they took over the English classroom.

This was in the first year I was there.

Now it’s a different teacher, who is the same teacher, but with more respect for the English language, he noted.

With the school district’s new curriculum, the English teacher is no longer teaching English.

English was taught as an elective at a private school, and the teacher is now employed in the city, Mr O’Sullivan said.