What’s the best and worst thing you’ve heard about Donald Trump?


The best thing I’ve heard recently is that Donald Trump is a racist, and I think it’s very dangerous.

But the worst thing I have heard is that Trump is an autocrat.

But there’s nothing in his record that says that.

It’s just a total fiction that he’s anything other than an autarch.

And if he’s that bad, he’s going to get away with it.

And so, you know, that’s the most dangerous thing.

The most dangerous things are the ones you know about.

So, it’s like the Nazis in the 1920s.

They knew about the atomic bomb and how it was going to destroy cities, and they didn’t care about people.

The British, in the 1850s, were just a bunch of people who wanted to get rich and make themselves feel powerful.

The American government knew about nuclear weapons and how they were going to wipe out the population.

And they knew about biological weapons, too.

So you know.

And, youknow, there’s something in the American heart that just can’t be taken seriously.

And there’s also something that people in other countries, even those countries that haven’t had an autarchy, are going to find pretty terrifying.

So I think the best thing to do, and the most important thing, is just to make sure that Donald is not elected.

And that’s not going to happen, because Donald Trump doesn’t belong in this country.