What’s New in Doral?


With Doral’s new curriculum, the school will have more than 60 hours of English instruction and it’ll also include an optional immersion course, an ESL course, and a new science and technology course.

The program is part of the Doral City School Initiative, which is part funded by the city of Doral and the State Department of Education.

“This is the largest class in the history of Dora, and I’m really excited about the opportunity to make the most of it,” Doral Mayor John S. Mina said in a statement.

“Doral is the place where kids learn to be curious, to be creative, and to be a part of Dollywood.”

The city also announced a new sports program, an indoor swimming pool and a school dance class for the first time in the city’s history.

The Doral Swim and Doral Dance team will take part in a series of events, including a free skateboard class, an art and music class, a field trip and more.

In addition to the immersion program, the city is also expanding the Dora English Program, which offers students additional English classes and online lessons.

The Doral English Program will continue to offer online classes and classes online in English and Spanish, while also offering an English proficiency course for students who do not have proficiency in English.

The city also plans to add an additional online language immersion program for Dora students.

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