What is RTC? and How to Get Started


RTC stands for Real Time Communications.

It’s a network that is being developed to deliver live video and audio content from the Internet to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The technology is being used to deliver a wide range of multimedia content such as TV, movie, music, and more, as well as content from mobile devices to desktop computers.

The RTC network will be capable of delivering up to 30 GB/s of data throughput per second (or 25 million video streams per second).

The RTS, which is a type of voice call, is used to provide the voice call quality and to control the audio and video transmission.

It is the first technology that RTC is being adopted to deliver high-quality video streaming, and is being supported by companies like Netflix, YouTube, and others.

It allows users to browse the Internet and connect to the RTC system for video streaming.

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If you’re interested in RTC as a content delivery network, check out the RTS website.

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