‘Tear Jerker’ star talks about his love of ‘Breaking Bad’ on ‘Empire’ episode 3: ‘I’ve seen all the endings’


The cast of “Breaking Bad” is returning to the TV show, with “Tear Jerker” star Jesse Pinkman joining the cast as the new lead, and Michael McKean, who played Walter White in the original series, will play the DEA agent Hank Schrader.

It was previously announced that “Breaking Black” star Tyrese Gibson would also be playing the character of Hank Schranger, and “Torn,” another character that would be played by the same actor, was confirmed to be returning as well.

“Breaking White” actor, Tyreese Gibson, has joined the cast of the new show “Tearing Jerker.”

Watch below: “Breaking Dead” star and “Breaking Point” co-creator Robert Kirkman discusses “Breaking Free” series finale, which was a bittersweet one for his character.

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The series finale of “Tears Jerker” was bittersweet for the show’s character Hank Schrager, who had just left his family to start a new life in the city of Atlanta.

“Troublemaking, the drug, was a big part of Hank’s life, so it was a very bittersweet ending for him,” “Breaking Down” creator Robert Kirkland told Entertainment Weekly.

“He’s not sure he can live without that.

That’s something that’s very emotional and very painful to Hank, but we are always in the best position to explore those issues.”

“Telling the story of how a man came from nowhere and how he ended up in this horrible place, and what he has to go through, and how that makes him, is what we love about the show,” Kirkland added.

“It’s a story that’s told through the eyes of a person, not a machine.”

“Breaking Up” star Sarah Paulson is also joining the show, playing a character named “Pete,” who is in the middle of trying to get over his sister’s death.

“I was very excited about this role,” Paulson told EW.

“Hank was an incredible character.

He had a lot of emotional baggage.

I knew that I wanted to play a character who was completely at peace with her death and who understood that he was doing the right thing.

That was the part that I knew I had to play.”

“It was very difficult for Hank to do that,” Paulsen added.

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“Falling Skies” star Josh Dallas is also coming back for the new series.

The actor has appeared on “Tales From The Crypt,” “Duck Dynasty,” and “The Amazing Race,” and is also one of the creators of the hit “The Muppets.”

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