Obama: ‘I’m not a robot’


President Barack Obama has said he’s not a “brainless robot” as he says he has “a strong sense of morality” and has “an instinct to get things done”.

Read moreMr Obama said his campaign strategy has been about “getting the job done” while campaigning in a speech in Illinois on Tuesday.

“When I’m running, I’m not thinking about whether I’m a robot or not, I am not thinking in terms of my algorithm, I don’t think in terms that we’re going to run this election like a script,” he said.

“This is a campaign about getting the job accomplished.

I’m confident that my message resonates with voters, with our nation and with our people.”

I think it’s a message that resonates because it’s rooted in principles and it’s based in fairness and justice.

“So I am proud to have this campaign to lead.”

He continued: “We’ve got to make sure that we are getting the work done.

We have to get the jobs done.

And we’ve got a responsibility to our country.”

The fact is, we’ve been working on this election for many, many years.

“We’ve been in this race for a long time, and we’ve gotten there.

I’ve got no doubt that this is going to be a campaign that’s going to give people a sense of optimism.”

Mr Obama has made no secret of his distaste for the political cycle.

In November, he said he was “not a robot”, while on the campaign trail in October he said “we’re not robots”.

But he said his “introspection” into the role of robots and automation in politics has led him to a “different view of our role in this country”.

“What we have to do is, I believe, have a better understanding of the human condition,” he told a Chicago rally.

“And I think that’s something that we can do better.”

In another speech in December, he added: “The truth is, technology is not going to replace us.

It’s not going, you know, to take the place of the job of caring for people and loving the American people.”

Mr Trump, who is leading the Republican presidential race in many states, has also repeatedly criticised the president’s campaign.

On Tuesday, Mr Trump, during a town hall meeting in Michigan, said: “He’s a robot, you’re a robot.”

“He’s running on a platform that is, frankly, totally false.

And the robots are running on the platform that’s totally false,” Mr Trump said.

Earlier this month, Mr Obama said he “couldn’t care less” about the 2016 election as he focused on getting the US economy moving again.