Hunter students are preparing for the outdoors as the new year approaches



(AP) Hunter students will prepare for the outdoor life this winter with a new lesson class that offers hunting and trapping techniques.

Huntington High School is preparing to reopen on Dec. 31, the same day students return to school after a two-week hiatus due to a flu outbreak.

Hunter students have already started the new class.

They are learning hunting techniques for the summer and they’re also preparing to teach hunters new tricks like the bow, trap and gun.

Hunter instructor Mike Ritzman said the new course is meant to give students the opportunity to be a hunter, not just a hunter in the classroom.

Hunters and hunters will continue to have a place in the Hunter school and they will be there as students,” Ritzmann said.

The new Hunter class will teach hunting techniques that students can use in the woods, and it will be taught by someone who has hunted.

It is not the same as the old Hunter class, which was taught by a student.

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