How to write the perfect 1st class English class


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The class will be the first in a programme run by the Indian Education Department (IED) under the NCEES (National Education Exchange Scheme) and will run from September 2019 to March 2020.

The 1 st Class, which is a one-year course, will be launched at the Kerala Institute of Technology (KIT), which will have three campuses in the state.

Students will be trained in English, mathematics, reading, science and social studies.

The first class will run for 12 months and students will be offered a minimum of four months of full-time training.

It will be taught in English as the primary language.

Kerala State Education Minister J Jayakumar Rao said, “We have set a target of getting over 50% of our 1st year students enrolled in a Class 1 English course.

In the last year, the school had only enrolled about 40% of students, so we are excited that our students will benefit from the experience of 1st classes in English.”

The new school, named 1stClass, will also have facilities for the teaching of the subject of ‘Nuclear Science and Technology’ to students who are not in class.

The new school will be open for two months from September.

It is also expected to have a teaching centre that will provide the latest technology for science and technology in the country.

“The aim of the class is to provide a learning environment that will be conducive to the achievement of students who aspire to enter the NSEES and other NCEes.

There is also a focus on the advancement of students from a lower-income group,” Rao said.

The government has also decided to build three schools in the next two years for the purpose of training 1 st teachers, he added.

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