How to make sure you know your teacher is an expert at your field


In a new study, MIT researchers found that a basic understanding of the subject matter can improve a student’s grasp of the material.

In the study, researchers from MIT and the University of California, Berkeley tested more than 100 college students on the material, and those who understood the material better tended to get a higher grade on a test of “general intelligence.”

The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, was conducted by the MIT Media Lab.

It analyzed a survey that had been conducted by students in the early 2000s.

The students were asked questions on topics such as the origins of language, the evolution of human societies, and the meaning of life. 

The subjects were then asked to answer questions about the subjects in the study.

In the case of the students who had mastered the material faster, the students were also asked questions about their general intelligence.

“As with any large-scale survey, the study included questions that are based on a wide range of knowledge about subjects, but the researchers did not try to exclude the influence of cultural influences or biases,” the researchers said in a press release.

The results suggest that students who know more about a subject may benefit from more time with it, as well as from more exposure to topics they are more familiar with.

The study’s authors, Michael A. Tannenbaum and Thomas J. Toth, say that it shows that the study is valid and that students do have an impact.

“The findings are consistent with our predictions that students with more advanced knowledge of the literature are likely to perform better on a task that requires more reasoning,” Tannensbaum said.

“This finding has important implications for how we design, administer, and test cognitive tests in classrooms.”

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