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What to expect in English class?

What do you need to know to pass?

This is what you need in order to pass English classes in Thailand.

What to expectIn order to successfully pass a class, students must:• Be able to understand the content and speak with confidence.• Speak at a pace that is appropriate for the level of the class.• Know the syllabus and the topics covered.• Have enough English to cover basic concepts and terms.• Be familiar with basic English grammar and rules.• Understand how to make a point in class, such as a statement, question or reply.• Show you are able to communicate well with the teachers.• Meet expectations.

If you want to learn more about English classes, you should visit the Department of Education’s website: The English language course that you choose will depend on your goals, interests and learning styles.

If you want a basic course, you can learn the following:• Reading, writing and listening• Learning basic concepts, such with dates, names, dates of birth and birthplaces• Learning how to use vocabulary, and understanding how to correct grammar mistakes• Teaching you to listen, listen well and speak in the correct tone and voice• Creating your own sentences and writing them to pass the test• Discuss topics of interest.

For more information about English courses in Thailand, visit the department’s website:-