How to get your children to hate the NRA


By Andrew J. Bacevich November 10, 2017The American Conservative is pleased to announce the launch of the first annual online video series about the history and legacy of the National Rifle Association.

In this video series, The American Conservatives takes a deep dive into the NRA, looking at its history and the impact of its leadership on the nation’s future.

In this video, The Americans examines the NRA’s past and its future, examining the history of the NRA from the founding of the organization to the end of the George W. Bush administration.

From the first NRA board meeting to the gun show in 1994, TheAmericans looks at the NRA as it has evolved through the years.

The Americans explores the history, the future, and the meaning of the word ‘revolving door.’

In this series, the NRA is not just about gun ownership, but the meaning it has had for the American people.

We look at how the NRA has shaped American politics, society, and culture, and how the organization has become the vehicle for American violence.