How to get into a class at the University of Southern California


Southern California is home to more than a dozen schools that offer advanced classes to the general public.

So, why should you be interested in taking an English class at one of them?

Here’s a quick guide to finding a class and what to expect.1.

The University of South Carolina, Charleston2.

Southern California University3.

University of Washington4.

University at Buffalo5.

University College London6.

University Of California, Los Angeles7.

University The Ohio State University8.

University North Carolina State University9.

University San Diego10.

University in Florida11.

Southern Illinois University-Purdue University Indianapolis12.

University At Buffalo13.

University West Virginia University14.

University Miami University15.

University Michigan State University16.

University Oklahoma University17.

University South Carolina University18.

University-South Carolina School Of Mines19.

University Southern Illinois17.

Ohio State-Ohio University College of Business20.

Ohio University-The University of Notre Dame21.

University University of Florida22.

University Ohio University23.

University Colorado-Boulder24.

University Virginia-Charlottesville25.

University California-Berkeley26.

University Washington-Lee University of Seattle27.

University Stanford-Stanford University28.

University New Mexico-Baker Academic Center29.

University Tennessee-Martin University30.

University Central Florida-Spartanburg31.

University Texas-Dallas32.

University Arizona-Bishop Museum of Natural History33.

University Georgia-Tulsa34.

University Alabama-Huntsville35.

University Indiana-Pine Bluff36.

University Iowa-Des Moines37.

University Utah-Salt Lake City38.

University Hawaii-Honolulu39.

University Pennsylvania-Wilkes Barre40.

University Vermont-Cambridge41.

University Columbia-Binghamton42.

University Illinois-Chicago43.

University Oregon-Portland44.

University Nebraska-Omaha45.

University Mississippi-Katrina46.

University Montana-Montana47.

University Wisconsin-Milwaukee48.

University Connecticut-Milford49.

University Rhode Island-Providence50.

University Western Michigan-East Lansing51.

University Penn State-Easton52.

University Florida-Orlando53.

University Massachusetts-Amherst54.

University Boston College-Ames55.

University Rutgers-New Brunswick56.

University Northern Arizona-Scottsdale57.

University UC Davis-Irvine58.

University Nevada-Las Vegas59.

University Louisiana-Lafayette60.

University Cornell-Rutgers61.

University UCLA-Bergen62.

University Maryland-Baltimore-Columbia63.

University Minnesota-Minneapolis64.

University Missouri-Kansas City65.

University Maine-Portland66.

University Vanderbilt-Troy67.

University Purdue-Lansing-Dearborn68.

University Clemson-Canton69.

University Duke-Durham70.

University Kansas-Overland Park71.

University Tulane-New Orleans72.

University Kentucky-Lexington73.

University Yale-New Haven74.

University Northeastern University-Boston75.

University Idaho-Boise76.

University Northwestern-Chicago77.

University Syracuse-New York78.

University Stony Brook-Newark79.

University Wake Forest-Durango80.

University Kent State-Lexus81.

University Brigham Young-Idaho-Idahansa82.

University Baylor-Waco83.

University Middle Tennessee-Jacksonville84.

University Temple-San Francisco85.

University Eastern Kentucky-Louisville86.

University Sacramento-Stockton87.

University Portland-Vancouver88.

University Santa Barbara-Santa Barbara89.

University Loyola Marymount-Newport News90.

University Sam Houston State-Houston91.

University Appalachian State-Bethlehem92.

University Auburn-Covington93.

University Rice-Newnan94.

University Troy-Rockville95.

University Marshall-Richardson96.

University Boise State-Boone97.

University UMass Amherst-Boston98.

University Weber State-St. Louis99.

University East Carolina-Chapel Hill100.

University Memphis-Little Rock101.

University Houston-Corpus Christi-Corpas-Caddo2.

University Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh2.

The Johns Hopkins University3,8.

The Texas Tech University-Dallas4,8,9.

The Florida State University-Ft.


The Georgia Institute of Technology6,821.

The Ohio University – Columbus7,822.

The California Institute of the Arts8,823.

The Illinois State University – Champaign9,824.

The Pennsylvania State University10,825.

The Michigan State – East Lansing11,826.

The Virginia Tech University – Blacksburg12,827.

The New York University – Manhattan14,828.

The Rice University – Houston15,829.

The Cornell University-Rochester16,830.

The Massachusetts Institute of Tech – Cambridge17,831

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