How to become a Filipino school teacher in the Philippines


The Philippines has long been known as a place of aspiration, where the rich and the well-to-do thrive and the poor and the disadvantaged struggle to make a living.

But, as the population has grown, so has the number of Filipino school teachers in the country.

But the growing number of Filipinos working in English classes at the state-run schools, and the increasing demand for English classes in schools nationwide have caused concern among the public.

As of November, there were 1,867 Filipino schoolteachers in the United States, according to the US Education Department, more than twice as many as the number in the U.K.

The demand for teaching English classes has caused concern in the Philippine education system, which has long had a reputation for poor teaching and high dropout rates.

Some parents and teachers have voiced concern that these teachers may be taking advantage of the country’s educational system and that they may be teaching children in ways that are inconsistent with the teachings of their parents.

A group of Filipino students walk through the English language class in a school in Manila, Philippines, November 15, 2019.


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