How to be the most honest woman in a world where truth can be so easy to fake


How to tell the truth in a post-truth world article It was an emotional time for one mother.

The family’s lives were shattered by a vicious cyber-attack, and the ordeal was so devastating it has taken its toll on the life of the mother.

“It is a horrible time,” Ms Lee told

“I am a mother of two boys, both 14 and 15 years old, and I am very worried that they are going to be traumatised by this.”

The whole family is worried.

I have not been able to sleep for a couple of days.

“The attack happened in March 2016, with a hacker known as “Vault 7” taking credit for it.

Ms Lee said she was not surprised that hackers would target the family.”

That was the target,” she said.”

They were looking for the same people, they were looking to make a difference.

“In this undated image provided by the National Police Force (NPA) of Sydney, Sydney’s youngest daughter, Miley, is shown with her mother and brother after being attacked by cyber-criminals, on March 22, 2016.”

My family was in the middle of a financial crunch, so the cyber-crime attack was a very big shock to them,” she told news