How a group of students are helping an orphanage open a new school in Mexico


NEW YORK — Teachers at a new orphanage in southern Mexico are taking a more positive approach to teaching and mentoring children who were born there.

The facility is the first for-profit school in the country, but it also has some challenges.

Its students are mostly from poor families.

They’re living in a cramped, cramped environment, said the facility’s director, Teresa Aguilar.

“It’s very hard to get them to focus on a topic,” Aguilar said.

They have to be ready to work at any time of the day or night, Aguilar told CBS News.

We have an excellent classroom where they can learn and grow, she added.

But the facility has some hurdles that it must overcome.

The students live in dormitories.

They don’t have access to their own bathrooms.

It has been hard to recruit teachers.

I have to find a way to recruit and get teachers in this area, Aguiler said.

And, I have two classes that are completely different because we don’t know each other.

And they can’t use their phones.

I want them to learn in class, not on social media, she said.

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