HCC English: What to know for 2018-19


The University of California, Berkeley has opened up its first English-language curriculum in the United States.

The UBCs course, titled “English Methods for Teaching,” is designed to give students the opportunity to take a course in a given subject area and use the tools in that subject area to teach their English as a second language (ESL).

The course is designed for ESL students who want to learn English as the second language, or ESL-ESL.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, students should be prepared for some logistical challenges.

“We are introducing a new course for students at UC Berkeley, and we are calling it ‘English Methods’,” UC Berkeley Chancellor Linda Katehi said.

“This course, which will be offered as a combination of online and campus courses, is intended to be an introduction to English as an ESL course, with emphasis on the study of ESL methods, which are used by many people today.”

The course is a two-year program, with students enrolled for the first year in the fall of 2018.

The course will be taught by the university’s English faculty.

It will be available for students to take during the fall and spring semesters of 2019.

“Students will get a solid grounding in the fundamentals of ESL in English,” said Katehi.

“The course will cover both the history and practice of ESL, as well as the practical tools that students need to work through their ESL courses.

Our goal is to create a rich and engaging environment for students, who will learn to master both their English language and their ability to teach it, by taking courses and taking a class.”

The UC Berkeley English course is expected to have around 300 students enrolled.

The online course, called the “ELEE,” will be similar in design to the UBC’s program.

It aims to give teachers and students a deeper understanding of the academic skills and techniques required to teach ESL, but also to make students feel comfortable working through the challenges that exist with the coursework.

“The ELEE is designed as a learning experience that gives students a hands-on approach to ESL, while also introducing them to the tools of teaching that will be critical to a successful ESL course,” said Andrew Schuman, vice chancellor for university and university services, in a statement.

Schuman also said that the ELEEs course is “fully funded by UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley students, with a focus on the success of the course.”

“We believe that it is crucial to ensure that students are prepared for their ESL education at the highest level possible,” he added.

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