English class system will be scrapped in England


The English language class system, which has been around for more than 100 years, will be abolished in England and Wales, it has been confirmed.

The new system will take effect from the beginning of 2019.

Students in English classes will be required to spend a minimum of 12 hours per week in a language other than English.

A student in a different language would not be required, but a teacher could ask a student to complete an assessment to find out their needs.

English language students in English-only classes would be given English language lessons in a school or university.

The decision is the result of a consultation led by education secretary Justine Greening.

The government is currently seeking comments on its plans to abolish the English language system, following a series of government proposals to improve the system in recent years.

The government announced plans in May 2018 to scrap English classes, which were abolished in 2005, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The move was prompted by a rise in reports of abuse and bullying in schools, prompting concerns about the future of the system.