BBC Sport: UK Open Day 2018 is here – all the highlights


The UK Open is here and it’s all happening on BBC Sport.

But before you start watching, be aware there are some important rules to be aware of.

What is the UK Open?

The UK Open was the first major international tournament in golf since the US Open in 2021.

It’s a world-class event that takes place in London, and the main drawcard is the first-round winners.

There are 12 venues for the event, including the new Emirates Stadium and the historic Oakham Links course.

There are also two additional courses, both at the Emirates Stadium.

It’s a two-day event, with all 12 tournaments taking place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The first-rounder is played on Sunday, while the last round takes place on Monday.

The venue for the UKOpen is the London Stadium, and is located in the heart of the city, across from the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

The course is built by PGA TOUR champion Tony Cook.

It is the longest course in the world, with 12,600 feet of vertical distance.

It has a birdie par-3 and birdie putt of 461 yards.

It has a 1,400-yard par-5, which is a record for the tournament, and a 462-yard hole-in-one.

The second course is the Oakham Woods course.

It was the venue for last year’s final, and this year’s first round.

It also has a par-4, which makes it the longest in the tournament.

The UKOpen has been held every year since it was established in 2021, and it has become the most-watched golf tournament on television.

There is also a Women’s British Open, which has the women’s winner and the men’s runner-up.

The tournament is open to women, with the winner earning £40,000, while a top-eight finish earns £150,000.

The BBC is hosting the tournament with a team of golf experts, including Nick Kyrgios, who won the US Amateur title last year.

The main draw of the UKO is the top-six finish.

That means the winner will earn £20,000 for the top four and £15,000 each for the bottom four.

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