Australian bank says it will offer full-time jobs to foreign workers


ANAUSTRALIA’S biggest bank has warned foreign workers from its $20 billion Australian arm could be the next in line to be brought into the Australian economy.

The national insurer, ANZ, has launched a full-service workforce program, and is providing its full-timers with a range of jobs including the possibility of full- and part-time work.

The program will be rolled out across ANZ’s entire Australian operations, with the company’s chief executive officer Paul Ryan saying the program would help strengthen its existing overseas workforce.

Mr Ryan said the company would also be looking to hire people from other nations who would be eligible for work in Australia.

“Our business is very global.

It’s not about Australia or its culture,” Mr Ryan said.”

What we are looking at is people who have a similar background, who are working in the Australian business.”

Mr Ryan says ANZ will also be investing in training programs in Australia to ensure its overseas employees were fully equipped for the job market.

“We’ve always had people in our workforce who are ready to work in the global economy,” he said.

He says the program was first announced in March, but that ANZ was now “further along” in preparing to roll it out.

“The more we can provide people with the training they need to get them up to speed, and be prepared to move to Australia, the better,” Mr Russell said.

The ANZ program has been praised for helping to boost the company overseas.

“This will enable ANZ to better meet the needs of our business, which is one of the reasons why we have chosen to open our Australian headquarters here in Sydney,” Mr Triggs said.

But the Australian Business Council says the plan was poorly conceived and should not be the start of a program that would be difficult to scale.

“These are just a few of the initiatives we have been working on for years to create the right mix of jobs in the country,” a spokesman said.

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