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Arlington, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Texas on the Texas Gulf Coast, has the highest proportion of English learners in the country, according to a new survey by the Texas Department of Education.

According to the survey released Wednesday, Arlington County’s English learners are a disproportionate share of the population.

In comparison, the statewide average is 17.2%, according to the Education Department.

The survey found that the largest proportion of learners at Arlington County schools were in the grades of eighth through 12.

About 9.2% of all Arlington County residents aged 12 and older had at least one grade 12 English language learner, while about 5.7% of students aged 12 through 17 had at at least two grades 12 English learners.

About 5.1% of residents had more than two grades.

Arlington County has the lowest proportion of students in English as a second language in the state, at 3.5%, according the Education Commission on Public Education.

The Education Commission found that while the percentage of students enrolled in high school English as the second language was lower in Arlington than the statewide level, the proportion of people who did not speak English as their second language also was lower.

The report found that only 1.5% of children aged 12 to 17 in Arlington were not proficient in English, compared to 2.5 percent statewide.

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