Actors say they can’t be on ‘Bachelor’ for one more season


The Bachelor has been a ratings success for ABC, with the network bringing in $2.6 billion for the fourth season.

While the ratings haven’t been as strong as they once were, it’s still the most successful scripted series of all time.

This year’s season of Bachelor in Paradise, for instance, is the most-watched scripted series in network history.

Here are the 10 best seasons of Bachelor yet, according to ratings.


Bachelor in Paris, season 3, 2016ABC’s Bachelor in the Woods (CBS) (1.7 rating, 7 share)The third season of the Bachelor was a smash hit for ABC.

The first two seasons were canceled after one season.

However, season three was canceled after five seasons due to the death of host Chris Harrison.

That left season four to follow, which ended with a final kiss between Harrison and Bachelor in Miami, the season that led to his eventual resignation.

Bachelor Party, the ABC reality series featuring Harrison and his then-girlfriend Amber Portwood, was a big hit with viewers.

Season five, which aired in 2019, also led to Harrison’s resignation, and he left the show for a second time in 2019.

The show was renewed for a fourth season in 2019 and will return to ABC in 2021.


Bachelor-in-the-Tower, season 4, 2017ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (ABC) (2.4 rating, 9 share)It was another smash hit in the ratings for ABC with Dancing with Stars, which followed the season of Dancing in Wonderland with a few more twists and turns.

It ended up with more than 6.3 million viewers, and was the highest-rated episode of Dancing ever.

Season 4 was also a big year for ABC’s Dancing, with season five set to premiere on Feb. 7, 2018.


Bachelor Parties, season 5, 2018ABC’s The Bachelorette (ABC, ABC Family) (3.5 rating, 12 share)Bachelor Parties was the fifth season of ABC’s The Bachelor and the fourth to be aired in 2018.

The fourth season aired after the death and suicide of host Ryan Gosling.

The second season of The Bachelor was also cancelled.

This season was re-launched as Bachelor Party on ABC Family, which will air on April 10, 2018 with the third and final season of Gosling’s series on the block.


Bachelor In Paradise, season 6, 2019ABC’s Modern Family (ABC Family) (3 rating, 4 share)ABC’s third season finale was one of the most anticipated episodes of any series on TV, and it ended with Gosling, Harrison and Portwood’s final kiss.

This time around, however, the final kiss was not a romantic one, and instead was staged to make Gosling look like the aggressor.

Bachelor Weekend, the finale of Bachelor Party for ABC Family on April 3, 2020, will also be the last episode of Bachelor Paradise.


Bachelor Season 6, season 7, 2020ABC’s Big Brother (ABCFamily) (4.5 ratings, 13 share)Big Brother is the first show to air in 2018, so the ratings were already strong.

However the season was a huge disappointment for ABC as it was cancelled after seven seasons.

The fifth season premiered on March 30, 2019.

This new season will see the return of Big Brother as well as some of the new players.


Bachelor, season 8, 2020 ABC’s Beauty and the Beast (ABC family) (5.0 rating, 16 share)Beauty and the Beasts was the seventh season of Beauty and The Beast, and its fifth season to air.

It was a ratings disaster for ABC because of the death on May 21 of its co-star Dina Temple-Raston.

This death was attributed to an illness and it will take until the end of 2019 for Temple-, the first African-American woman on the show, to see the show’s end.

Bachelor Weekends, ABC’s reality show, is expected to premiere in 2021 with a fourth and final seasons.


Bachelor Legends, season 9, 2021ABC’s American Idol (ABCfamily) (6.1 rating, 22 share)American Idol is the last season to be broadcast before ABC Family’s season 9 premieres.

However that will not stop the ratings from rising for ABC family shows.

The finale of season 9 will air May 6, 2021.


Bachelor’s Final Season, season 10, 2021 ABC’s Bachelor Nation (ABCTV) (8.4 ratings, 20 share)Last season of this show, the Bachelor had its worst ratings of the decade.

The Bachelor was canceled before it even had a chance to air, with viewers saying that they didn’t feel the show was a worthy continuation of the series.

However ABC Family has kept the Bachelor in season 10 as a tribute to the series’ finale.


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